Comfort food to crave: local company Willow Tree’s Chicken Pie

Willow Tree is delighted to receive the following review of our chicken pie from Eat and Sip in the City blog author, Michelle Levine. For the original article, click here.

By Michelle Levine, author of Eat and Sip in the City

Willow Tree Poultry farm, located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, is loved for making everyone’s favorite comfort food, pot pies, perfect for the winter weather or any time of year. Available in three kinds, which include original, classic with vegetables, and chicken pot pie with red bliss potatoes, there is something for everyone. On a chilly Sunday, I finally got a taste of the New England favorite, which was established in 1954.

Ready to bake from your freezer

I enjoyed the classic pot pie featuring vegetables, which had three servings and was under 300 calories for a serving. They take premium white meat chicken and create a pot pie with home-style gravy, classic vegetables including peas, corn, green beans, and carrots, along with a flaky crust. 

You keep the pot pie in your freezer until you are ready to bake and in one hour and fifteen minutes in a 400 degree oven, you have yourself a meal you will look forward to. Just place it on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil for easy clean up (since the sauce can bubble over the pie plate). I didn’t have milk on hand, which they recommend for a darker crust, but I thought the crust was just right.

The ingredients are kept simple and wholesome. The filling of the pie has the veggies and chicken broth, thickened up with flour and flavored with margarine, onion powder, and salt to name a few ingredients. The crust is a basic recipe with items such as flour, shortening, milk, and oil listed to create the top of the pie.

Flaky brown crust + creamy hearty filling = the perfect chicken pie

I was so impressed with the chunks of chicken. Huge pieces fill the pie and easily shred with your fork.

Jam packed with veggies 

I served it alongside white rice on a plate but next time would love it piled on top of the rice in a bowl instead, so I can scoop up every last drop of the creamy warm treat! It’s the perfect staple to stock in your freezer for a hearty meal, any time of day, when you don’t want to cook or venture out in the cold weather.

Rice compliments the meal and the chicken is the star of the show

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