Have Willow Tree, Will Travel

As many of you know, Willow Tree chicken salad is a New England favorite. For many families it’s a year-round staple. Not only is it popular as an everyday lunch or snack, but it seems that every year fans are coming up with more and more ways to enjoy Willow Tree chicken salad a variety of ways, for a variety of occasions.

If you’d like to bring Willow Tree Chicken Salad when visiting friends or family, we’ve compiled a few tips for bringing it along.

Here are some important details to keep in mind when traveling with Willow Tree chicken salad:

Our chicken salad must be held at a temperature between 32 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While ice is melting it maintains a constant 32 degrees, so a cooler packed with ice would hold our salad at the proper temperature.  As long as there is still even a small amount of ice in your cooler when you arrive at your destination the salad should still be between 32 and 40 degrees.  You may want to pack a probe style food grade thermometer (available at any grocery store) so you can check the temperature of the product at your final destination just to be safe.

A properly packed cooler with the adequate amount of ice should be fine for a very long time, but there are a lot of factors to consider, for example, total travel time, method of travel, outside air temperature, etc.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful in spreading Willow Tree’s tasty goodness nationwide. We will keep you posted when our product becomes available in states outside of New England.  For example, here is the latest on our expansion into the metro New York area.

And for new ideas of how to serve Willow Tree chicken salad, click here!

10 Ideas to Make Holiday Festivities Tastier – and Easier!

As most people will tell you, as much as they want to enjoy holiday festivities, being responsible for entertaining or providing tasty treats at every turn can be a challenge!  Willow Tree has come up with a number of ways to help you serve festive foods that have the look, freshness, and most-importantly taste, of home-made holiday goodness, even when you don’t have time to cook from scratch between all of your commitments.

We also threw in a few gift ideas that are sure to be a pleasant surprise for friends, relatives, co-workers, and folks who provide you with valuable services through the year.

1. Serve a great Party Platter – A ready-made tray with a variety of delicious finger sandwiches can be a pretty impressive site to party guests (of any age) – not to mention how satisfying it is to be the one to serve it! Our retail store will be happy to make a variety of party platters, including cold-cuts, seafood, tuna, ham, egg, and chicken salad.  

Willow Tree chicken salad is available at your favorite deli or grocery store, if you’d like to build your own platter. One idea might be to add a few of your favorite mix-ins to our chicken salad as well as use different types of bread, or crackers, to make a very enticing platter.

2. Chicken and Turkey pies – in different sizes for different occasions. The convenient thing about Willow Tree pies is that they come in different sizes. If you’re having a small group over for lunch, or even brunch, each guest can have their own personal pie. Larger sizes might be better for dinner parties – or for serving to your family when you are too wrapped up, no pun intended, in holiday preparations to cook. 

Turkey pies are available at our retail store, while chicken pies are at grocery stores throughout New England, and can be ordered online. Have you tried our new varieties yet – Red Bliss Potato and Classic Vegetable?

3. Gift cards – Give the gift of good taste this year! Our gift cards, which are redeemable at our Attleboro retail store, can be ordered online for your convenience. Download our retail store menu here so you can see what a gift card recipient can buy!

4. Coupons – Treat yourself to a discount. Join us on and download a coupon, one per customer per campaign please! This will get you a discount when you buy Willow Tree chicken pies at your grocery store.

5. Recipe ideas – side dishes can make all the difference! Whether you’d like to add a little zing to traditional chicken salad finger sandwiches on your party platter, or serve your poultry pies with something extra special on the side, we have some recipe ideas for you.

6. Need full-proof gravy to go with your chicken or turkey? – We have you covered in both varieties. Here is what one customer wrote in as she was preparing for Thanksgiving:   

“I have never tasted such authentic gravy in my life!  I had to control myself from eating it right out of the pan with a ladle!  I can’t say enough about it…and even on this day when I have a million errands to run, and countless dishes to make, I just had to write to you and let you know I am a friend forever!” 

Our gravies are available at the Willow Tree Retail Store and now in select grocery stores throughout New England.

Willow Tree sells fresh turkey for the holidays! Click here to order your fresh turkey and dessert pies!

7. Dessert pies YUM! – Did you know that our retail store carries high-quality, 10” dessert pies for the holidays? Call ahead and see what kind we have ready for you – apple, coconut custard, plain custard, strawberry rhubarb, and others. A great way to top off any holiday feast. 

8. Save time with online orders. Not only can you order many of your favorite Willow Tree items online, but we ship throughout the US and internationally. Willow Tree fans who have relocated write in to tell us this is a great way to keep Willow Tree with them across the miles! Do you know a fan who can’t pop into the retail store, or find us in their grocery store? This option may make a great gift to them, while saving your shopping time.

9. Visit our retail store – for Attleboro area shoppers. Located along side our production plant in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Willow Tree Farm’s retail store has served the local community for over 60 years. On your way to a holiday party, or hosting one of your own? Stop by our full deli with cold salads, cold cuts, fresh poultry, hot food items, fresh baked pies, milk, eggs, grocery items, chips and soda. Store hours are 8am to 6pm seven days a week.

10. Give aways and prizes to reward you through the month.  In December we’ll be rewarding our loyal fans who follow us on facebook and Twitter with chances to win family packs of P-Bruins tickets, free 26oz pies, and other great prizes like a winter supply of Willow Tree Premium Chicken Pie! Did you know that you can enter our “How do you Willow Tree?” contest multiple times, as long as you submit a different idea of how you like to enjoy your Willow Tree Chicken salad each time.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas for how to easily prepare for a tasty holiday season, minus much of the stress that can go along with it!

Happy Holidays,

Your friends at Willow Tree Farm