Enjoy Your Chicken Salad, Gluten Free

No Gluten FBThere’s a lot of discussion about gluten sensitivities these days. People who are sensitive or are intolerant to gluten can get sick from the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Symptoms include gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, fatigue, and depression.

The severity of the symptoms can vary widely but if you’ve known someone who is highly allergic, you know how serious the symptoms can be.

It seems logical that people with gluten sensitivities must avoid a lot of carbohydrates, like baked goods and snacks. But if you’ve ever had to deal with this issue, you’ve learned how sneaky gluten is. It is contained in a wide variety of items you would never expect to include gluten. Who would think soy sauce has gluten, for instance?

Willow Tree Farm’s Chicken Salad and Chicken Dip fans can rejoice, however! Willow Tree’s Original White Meat Chicken Salad and Cranberry-Walnut are both gluten free. Same goes for our Chicken Dips, which include Caesar, Buffalo Chicken and our soon-to-be launched Bacon Chicken Ranch. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that whatever you’re serving with the chicken salad and dips is also gluten free. Look for gluten-free bread or crackers which are readily available at grocery stores, or opt for a vegetable companion like celery or carrots.

So even if you need to maintain a gluten-free diet, you can feel good about continuing to enjoy Willow Tree products!

Baking Me Hungry Reviews Willow Tree Chicken Salad and Pie

Willow Tree would like to thank the sister foodie team at Baking Me Hungry (http://bakingmehungry.com/2012/08/11/willow-tree-chicken-pot-pie/) for their review of our chicken salad and chicken pie:

Willow Tree Farm really has the best chicken salad we have ever tasted. There are big chunks and smooth shreds of of chicken. There is a slight sweet from brown sugar. The Willow Tree chicken salad is so creamy and so good buttered hot dog rolls and a side of potato chips. We would get it at our deli section and then in the prepared containers.

We have made our own chicken pot pie (BMH’s chicken pot pie), but prefer premade ones sometimes when we just do not have the time to make them from scratch.

We have tried most of of the pot pie products out at supermarkets including the Trader Joe’s chicken pot pie, Swanson’s microwaveable pot pie and many others including The Savory Plate. Often times the gravy is a bit salty, the crust super thin, the filling having only bits of chicken. So far our favorite has been The Savory Plate.  We have yet to try the Willow Tree Chicken and Turkey Pies and finally got the opportunity.

We purchased a single serve 8 ounce pie from our local 24 hour Shaws. Although there are several varieties including with vegetables and with bliss potatoes, our store only carries All Meat pies in the small and large sizes. The pies are available in  8 (single serve), 26 (serves 3), & 52 oz. sizes (serves 6), however our local Shaw’s only carried the 8 and 52 ounce sizes.  Wish there was the medium sized one, which would be perfect and more flavors.

We preheated the oven to 400 degrees, glazed the top of the pie crust with a bit of milk (per the directions to make the crust even more golden) and waited the 40 minutes. The room permeated with a nice chicken pot pie smell. The large chunks  of all white breast meat chicken was substantial. We are used to little bits of brown meat and cubes from other brands, but this were large pieces of white breast meat.

The homestyle gravy itself was so cozy, but a little salty. We needed a glass of water after enjoying the pot pie.  The buttery crust top was by far the best crust and part of the pie.