The Top 12 Ways Fans Like to Enjoy Willow Tree Chicken Salad

As we head into summer, Willow Tree Chicken Salad will likely be making a regular appearance on the plates of thousands of New Englanders. Last week, we asked Willow Tree Facebook fans to tell us how they like to enjoy their chicken salad. We were overwhelmed by how quickly they responded. Here is what they had to say: 

  1. Catherine likes hers on a finger roll
  2. John likes his plain on wheat with bread and butter pickles on the side
  3. Christine likes hers straight out of the container (most popular answer)
  4. Rich likes his on a toasted salt bagel for a sweet and salty treat (great idea Rich!)
  5. Michelle likes hers on a whole wheat wrap with baby spinach and sweet potato chips
  6. Laurie sometimes mixes hers with curry powder, or walnuts and grapes over mixed greens (very gourmet!)
  7. Marnie spoons hers onto a saltine cracker and adds a drop of tabasco
  8. Georgiana puts hers on a salad
  9. Allyson likes hers on a bulkie roll with chips on the side
  10. Michael likes his in a wrap with lettuce, tomato, onion and black olives
  11. Stephanie likes hers on a bed or lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and carrots
  12. Nancy likes hers with fresh-picked garden tomatoes 

Thank you fans! After reading that, I think we could all go for a chicken salad snack! 

Remember, Willow Tree does ship throughout the continental US. If you’d like to order some, click here: 

If you are going to be taking Willow Tree Chicken Salad with you on a trip this summer, remember to follow these safe handling guidelines: 

Have a great summer!

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On Ritz Garlic Butter flavored crackers!!

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