The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Willow Tree Chicken Pies: Winning Entry!

We are happy to announce that Richard M. has won a family pack of Providence Bruins Tickets for his entry, posted below.  Willow Tree is actually from Attleboro, MA, but because we’re so grateful for our Rhode Island fans, we’ll give Richard a pass on #5! Congratulations Richard. Enjoy the game!

Top ten reasons why I love Willow Tree Chicken Pies:

1. My mom used to cook them all the time when I was younger.

2. They are reasonably priced.

3. They are sooo delicious.

4. They always make me happy.

5. They are from RI.

6. They focus on the chicken which is the main event rather than work on making a fake crust.

7. The gravy is sooo yummy.

8. They are something that will be around forever that I can bring my kids up on as well.

9. They cook perfectly.

10. They are the best chicken pies ever made.

Richard M.

Providence, RI

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