Willow Tree Farm Chicken Pies Review from Saving U Green

Willow Tree is delighted to receive the following review of our chicken pies (all 3 varieties) from SavingUGreen blogger, Marla Z.  For the original version, click here.

By Marla Z: Author of Saving U Green

My family was sent a a sample of each pie to review.  I was extremely excited to try these!  Food can stir up so many memories.  My grandma and I are very close. I spent a great deal of time with her as a child.  She would make so many amazing dishes, homemade chicken pot pie was one of them.  

The great thing about Willow Tree farm Chicken Pies, is the fact that you simply take them out of the box, place on a baking sheet, bake at 400 degrees & an hour and fifteen minutes later dinner is ready.  No muss, no fuss! Perfect as a wholesome meal, when your rushed to get dinner served during the week.  Week nights can be so hectic.  I put the pie in the oven ran to pick my kids up from their after school activities and when we arrived home ~ dinner was ready!  They also would be a great idea, to take to your potluck lunch at work or as a dish to a holiday gathering!

Mr. Green was intrigued by the pleasant smell, when he came in the house from work.  It’s shameful to admit… but I might have tried to pass these off as my own, if my family wasn’t reviewing them!  I’m sure you can tell from the picture above,  how much they look like a homemade pie, definitely not like a packaged item available at your local grocery store!
This is Willow Tree Farm’s Chicken Pie with Classic Vegetables. The first thing I noticed is the huge pieces of chicken.  The vegetable are crisp and very fresh tasting!
My favorite pie of the three, is Chicken Pie with Red Bliss Potatoes! The perfect size potatoes are baked to perfection and covered in creamy gravy. It feels like velvet in your mouth.  With the 2 side dishes I prepared to go along with our meal, 1 –  26oz pie was enough to feed my family of 6. I will admit… It tasted so good, and all in the name of research.  I had to have a slice of the Chicken Pie with classic vegetables & a slice of Chicken Pie with Red Bliss Potatoes, even though I was full and satisfied with just one slice! I just couldn’t help myself!
Willow Tree Farms Chicken Pies are the closest I have found to replicate the time and care, my Grandma used to put into her homemade chicken pies! 

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